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Applied Computing Courses Level 6





    This course is ideal for HND holders who are interested in a career in systems development and management and they have a wish to be undergraduate degree holders. It will take them only one year to fulfill their dreams. They will learn about programing, web development, system analysis and networking skills.

    This program increases the students’ knowledge and skills that enable them to work immediately at professional level in commerce and industry IT sectors. Students gain an opportunity to develop an intellectual and subject specific skills that will enable them to make a consideration and evaluation of different technical and broad based issues from strategic perspective.

    Students will gain knowledge and skills needed in the world if business and computing including problem solving and decision making. Knowledge and skills in web development, internet, security IT strategy will increase the students chances of getting employed by to work for various organizations.

    This course is diverse, and this means that students can choose to specialize on one module that he/she an interest in. our institution is well equipped with updated computers and they are large enough to accommodate a big number of students.


    After completing this programs, graduates can decide to either enter in career world or proceed with studies and become a holder of postgraduate master program.

    Career opportunities.

    After completing this course, students will have the ability to pursue careers in telecommunications, aerospace, marketing creative industries, international systems analysis and design, information systems management, project planning, quality systems support and management of databases.

    Graduates can also work as:

    • Systems analyst.
    • Fraud analyst.
    • Fraud detector.
    • Computer network architecture.
    • Computer systems analyst.
    • Network manager.
    • IT consultant.
    • Software engineer.
    • Project manager for software.
    • Apps specialists.
    • Desktop publisher.
    • Systems admin.
    • Programmer.
    • Database manager.
    • Software developer.
    • Technical architect.
    • Developers of business software.
    • Test engineer.
    • Network admin

    And many more.

    Entry requirements:

    • This course is ideal for applicants that hold a level 5 qualification such as higher national diploma or other equivalent. In addition, applicants must have to have competed the second year of degree that is relevant and comparable.
    • Should be a holder of foundation degree or higher national diploma with a compatible syllabus that has a relationship with this course.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Qualifications have to be checked by the institution where he/she is applying before he/she is allowed to enroll.
    • When coming for registration, students are urged to bring their original diploma, and this is a compulsory requirement