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Business Administration Courses Level 7





    The aim of this program is to further enhance the career individuals who have an interest in management and business. This program is among the most sought-after and prestigious post-graduate degree in leadership and management field. The aim of this course is to accelerate the students’ promotion to well-paying positions of leadership. Students are prepared by this course for new opportunities in a country of within any organization. This programs opens opportunities in various sectors, and additionally, it helps one to develop the skills he/she needs to take him/her to the next level.

    This program lends itself to a variety of substantial investments and careers thus increasing the chances of getting well-paying jobs. Candidates pursuing this degree can have expectations of gaining high level strategic approach to decision-making in business and an ability to approach the changing environments of a business. Students will also have a chance to develop strategic knowledge problem-solving and functional competence ability.

    Students will also learn the process of re-applying the best of international management practices. Problem-solving strategy is the focus of our course, and additionally, the ability of linking theory to challenges in the real world. As part of this, local visits to local companies are encouraged as well as inviting guest lecturers who can share their practical business experiences.

    This degree is designed for preparing the students for the management challenges by making sure that they are exposed to the latest thinking in business in different within local and international organizations. Students will engage with the key business principles such as finance, economics, marketing and others.

    Career opportunities.

    A graduate is allowed by MBA jobs to use his/her financial, managerial, analysis and organizational skills to succeed in the industry of his/her choice. An education in business offers the graduate with concepts and also prepares him/her for jobs in different organizations. A graduate can choose to be an office admin, and from there, he/she can proceed toward executive level positions. Business admins are needed by both small and large organizations so that all the operations within the organization can be managed. Graduates with MBA degree can be employed in this organizations and end up growing roles.

    Job opportunities for MBA graduates include:

    • Business admin.
    • Business manager.
    • Business analyst.
    • Manger for business development.
    • Manager for marketing.
    • Manager for investment.
    • Insurance broker.
    • Loss adjuster.
    • Coordinator for recruitment.
    • Senior buyer.
    • Human resource manager.
    • Program analyst.
    • General Manager.
    • Development director.
    • Business analysis director.
    • Executive director.
    • Manager for portfolio.
    • Founder
    • Marketing manager

    And many more;

    Entry Requirements:

    • If one wants to enroll for this program, he/she must submit a proof of bachelor degree or diploma.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Applicants holding bachelor degree from abroad will have to submit a proof or evidence of an ILTS Language competence certificate that have a minimum score of 6.5.
    • Depending on the education providers, applicants will be requested to provide work experience in related field.
    • While coming for registration, those applying must bring with them their original diploma.