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Business and Finance Courses – Level 4,5,6





    No one can separate business from finance. Due to this fact, we have a course that prepares the students for both areas by giving him/her the perfects skills to adapt to the industry. This course is for those who are looking to grow their financial management skills and business knowledge. If one has a good understanding in one area, knowledge of the other area is also enhanced.

    This degree puts its focus on the business operations financial aspects, and the purpose of its development is to give the student a strong foundation that is needed for building career in business and finance sectors. Graduates with specialized financial skills are in high demand. By studying this course, one can enter in to a career in the departments such as accounting, marketing and human resource.

    This degree will help the students in learning how profit-making firms are managed or provision of value to shareholders. Having knowledge in business communication is an essential business strategy, as it helps in decision making within the organization.


    The student can decide to his/her career prospects after completing the undergraduate degree. However, one can go on with this course and apply for Postgraduate Master Program.

    Career opportunities.

    This degree is for one who is willing to be an accountant or continue to further studies in financial management. One can also work in an industry, a business or public sector.

    A graduate can also become:

    • • Manager for business.
      • Manager for communication.
      • Manager for finance.
      • Retail manager.
      • Financial services expert.
      • Budget analyst.
      • Account executive.
      • HR manager.
      • Cost estimator.
      • Agent for insurance.
      • Investment banker.
      • Loan officer.
      • Personal financial advisor.
      • Buying assistant.
      • Stock broker.
      • Sport manager.

    And many more.

    Entry requirements:

    • 18 years old should be the minimum age of the applicants.
    • It is a must for students to submit certificates of their previous education level or relevant work experience.
    • Applicants with no formal qualifications but mature are welcome, but they have to demonstrate appropriate levels of relevant ability and experience.
    • Anyone who does not meet qualifications needed to pursue this degree is eligible for our foundation year course, as this year prepares the student for the full degree.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will be required to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • When coming for registration, one will be required to bring their original certificates.