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Business Management Courses – Level 4,5





    This diploma aims to prepare the students for a successful career by making them understand the key practices and principles of business management. Students encounter challenges and situations faced by real-world business managers, as they will be learning via case studies, engaging project and group works. They will gain strong prospects of career in diverse business areas including marketing, adverting, project management and human resource management, and this is after they complete this course.

    The aim of this program is to equip the students with knowledge, skills and understanding that are needed by the businesses in order to achieve high performance in in the world business environment.

    This course offers a range of education and training for different careers including management, administration, finance, accounting and human resource management. The aim of this qualification is to widen the higher education access, thus enhancing career prospects of the individuals who purse it.

    Students will also gain solid business skills needed to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. Managers either work in small businesses or in large transnational organizations, and this means they need skills and knowledge so that they can motivate and motivate their workers. Business are likely to have several roles within the organization but this depends on the nature and the size of the company. In some companies, manager are the ones responsible for finalizing contracts, overseeing production and making final decisions on what is being purchased.


    After completing this diploma, students can proceed with this program so that they can graduate with a bachelor degree. For this to be successful, they will have to study for one year at any recognized university in the UK. Additionally, students can chose to specialize with a specific bachelor degree such international business administration, entrepreneurship, business management and others.

    Career opportunities.

    Graduates can be assigned different roles in organizations, as they can work in marketing, advertisement, project management and human resource management departments. They can also become entrepreneurs.

    Entry requirements:

    • Applicants should be 18 and over years old.
    • Those applying have to submit a proof of prior certified learning documents such as secondary school diploma or level 3 qualification.
    • Applicants must undergo a compulsory interview with the college during registration.
    • Those applying must come with their original certificates on registration day.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.