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Business Management Courses – Level 4,5,6





    The BA/BSc in business management is ideal for students who wish to embark on career (professional) in business and management. The content in this course is aimed at giving a student a firm grounding in management, marketing, accounting and world economy essentials. Students will do an investigation on how organizations think and work, their management, and the nature of their external environment. This degree allows the student to shape his/her studies towards their career ambitions and to build the skills, knowledge and experience in order to end up being a successful manager in different sectors.

    By taking this degree, students will develop a broad understanding of organizations and business firms. They will have an understanding on how businesses come up with strategies, how they make decisions, how they organize their resources and how they conduct risk management. Students start to develop high levels of professionalism from the beginning, as they are the ones employers look for. They will also understand how the organizations operates and how to apply theory in real-life situation.

    Students will gain a broad range of skills and knowledge in business, as they will enable one to pursue a career in public or public sector or with the third sectors organizations. One will have the skills that are appropriate to self-employment and the confidence one needs to be a businessperson.


    One can decide to enhance his/her career or can apply and pursue postgraduate master program after completing undergraduate degree.

    Career opportunities.

    This course gives the students the skills they need in pursuing a career to work in business management or become an entrepreneur. One can manage national or multinational firms. This degree is ideal for a job in corporate world and one can work in a bank, as an accountant, in insurance company and as a business researcher.

    Plenty of firms, however, in other sectors are looking for bright graduates so that they can hire them as management trainees, including manufacturing, retail, food and drinks, utilities, automotive industries, pharmaceuticals, constructions and local and central government.

    One can also go into human resource, marketing, corporate communications project management, IT and logistics, but this will depend on students’ interests.

    One can further his/her career in professions that include:

    • • Commercial manager.
      • Project manager.
      • Marketing and sales manager.
      • Finance manager.
      • Customer relationship manager.
      • Specialist in human resource.
      • Assistant product manager.
      • Business manager.
      • Distribution and logistics manager.
      • Business analytic.
      • Retail manager.
      • Marketing executive.
      • Finance manager.
      • Reporting analyst.
      • Operations manager.
      • Administrative manager.
      • General Manager.
      • Data analyst
      • Operational researcher.
      • Product manager; and many other management fields.

    Entry requirements:

    • 18 years old should be the minimum age of the applicants.
    • It is a must for students to submit certificates of their previous education level or relevant work experience.
    • Applicants with no formal qualifications but mature are welcome, but they have to demonstrate appropriate levels of relevant ability and experience.
    • Anyone who does not meet qualifications needed to pursue this degree is eligible for our foundation year course, as this year prepares the student for the full degree.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will be required to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • When coming for registration, one will be required to bring their original certificates.