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Business Management Courses Level 6





    This course expects the students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding that is relevant to organizations and the external environment under which they operate. This course is ideal for applicants who would like to pursue a business and management career that covers all key business aspects including marketing, strategic management, human resource management and financial management.

    This course is designed in a manner that will develop the students’ existing business and management knowledge. Students will be provided with opportunities of exploring and applying theory and techniques of management to business problems as well as developing policies and strategies that will deal with these issues.

    This course will also provide the students with an opportunity conducing an evaluation of strategic and operational issues that face global and multinational companies. This course is putting its focus on the development of students’ flexibility and ability to manage in dynamic environments, thus preparing to be effective managers in this business world.

    The Top-Up is known to be a learning experience that is very challenging. It also makes the students understand the organizations deeply as well as providing them with skills they need to reflect their knowledge, learning and practice. This course require the students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding that is relevant to organizations and the external environment under which they operate.

    Students will learn how to conduct an analysis of the industry and learn how it is structured, how it competes, how it conducts the supply chain and how it can come up with a competitive success strategy.

    Students will develop the skills needed to write a business report, deliver concise and clear ideas via presentations and creative and critical thinking.


    After completing this programs, graduates can decide to either enter in career world or proceed with studies and become a holder of postgraduate master program.

    Career opportunities.

    A holder of bachelor degree in business can become a business leader or manager. After completing this course, a graduate can enter into wide range of roles including consultancy, marketing, health management, human resource management and operations management. Furthermore, graduates can start their own businesses, as they have the skills needed.

    A graduate can also work as a:

    • • Manager for sales.
      • Manager for logistics and distribution.
      • Risk manager.
      • System analyst.
      • Marketing admin.
      • Commercial manager.
      • Entrepreneur.
      • Risk manager.
      • Finance manager.
      • Entry level manager.
      • Business manager.
      • Manager for training and development.
      • Management consultant.
      • Human resource manager.
      • Banker.
      • Administrator.
      • Marketing executive officer.
      • General Manager.
      • Account manager.
      • Sale agent.
      • Manager for health service.
      • Investment analyst.
      • Marketing assistant.

    And many more.

    Entry requirements:

    • This course is ideal for applicants that hold a level 5 qualification such as higher national diploma or other equivalent. In addition, applicants must have to have competed the second year of degree that is relevant and comparable.
    • Should be a holder of foundation degree or higher national diploma with a compatible syllabus that has a relationship with this course.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Qualifications have to be checked by the institution where he/she is applying before he/she is allowed to enroll.
    • When coming for registration, students are urged to bring their original diploma, and this is a compulsory requirement.