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Business Management-Entrepreneurship-Level 4,5,6





    The aim of this degree is to provide the students with an understanding in entrepreneurship theories and practices, and innovations in varieties of organizational contexts. In this course, it is all about the take of innovative ideas of business from interception to development and implementation in order to create new products or services. If a student sees himself/herself as a catalyst for change in both small and large organizations, this is the right course for her.

    If one chooses to focus on entrepreneurship, he/she has the added benefit of specialist advice and knowledge to needed to start a new business. Entrepreneurs are considered to be pioneers and innovators whose roles are to build businesses from scratch or creating new opportunities by working within an organization. A wide variety of modules on different topics is offered by this pathway, and these topics include; entrepreneurship in the digital domain, business law and entrepreneurship and innovations, thus leading to provision of an overall view of entrepreneurial activities, and this will help the students in exploring different ways of approaching entrepreneurship.

    Students will also learn ways of considering financial and institutional systems in supporting entrepreneurship economies and in gaining an analytical framework to understand different approaches to entrepreneurial cultures. The aim of this course is to help the students in developing skills of entrepreneurship in project management, team working and advanced leadership in order to enable one run his/her own business or set one up for a future career in management and consultancy.


    The student can decide to his/her career prospects after completing the undergraduate degree. However, one can go on with this course and apply for Postgraduate Master Program.

    Career opportunities.

    Students will have many opportunities for exploring their career aspirations and they will be encourage to take up marketing internships and work placements. They will also have an opportunity for working alongside real businesses related to project management, thus giving them useful insights to a range of possible career choices and businesses. One can either become a self-employed professional or an employee within an organization.

    Graduates can further their careers in professions such as:

    • • Managing director
      • Executive for business development.
      • Business designer.
      • Business manager.
      • Services vice president.
      • Business consultant.
      • Associate consultant.
      • Project manager.
      • Executive for accounting.
      • Business reporter.
      • Officer for marketing.
      • Risk manager.
      • Planner for brand.
      • HR officer.
      • Innovation manager.
      • Officer for customer care.
      • Teacher.
      • Manager for sales.
      • Accounts assist.
      • Financial consultant.

    And more…..

    Entry requirements:

    • 18 years old should be the minimum age of the applicants.
    • It is a must for students to submit certificates of their previous education level or relevant work experience.
    • Applicants with no formal qualifications but mature are welcome, but they have to demonstrate appropriate levels of relevant ability and experience.
    • Anyone who does not meet qualifications needed to pursue this degree is eligible for our foundation year course, as this year prepares the student for the full degree.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will be required to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • When coming for registration, one will be required to bring their original certificates.