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Business Studies Courses – Level 4,5,6





    Students will develop a broad understanding or business firms. They will also develop an understanding on how businesses come up with strategy, how they made decisions, how their internal resources are organized and how they control risks and uncertainties. This degree makes the students ready for careers in business management in commerce, industry and the public sector. It puts its focus on application of knowledge relevant to the manager’s role in environment that is changing rapidly in the modern business world. This course provides the students with opportunities for developing and enhancing the students’ range of personal and interpersonal transferable skills vital for successful performance in the workplace.

    BA/BSc (Hons) business studies will make one a ‘business ready’ graduate who has the ability to rise rapidly to higher level roles and make a significant impact in any business sphere, in any business firm. Students will deeply understand why businesses perform in the way they do, along with a research that is valuable and analytical skills for supporting decision making and problem-solving within the business. Areas such as marketing, finance, economics and management are covered by this course, and their aim is to give students the knowledge and skills they need to find graduates roles in diverse number of sectors including banks, retail outlets and in research, and one can advance to senior positions in the chosen roles. One will be given the opportunity to acquire a sound foundation in business and management know-how by this well-established course, and increased specialization in an area of one’s choice will follow.


    The student can decide to his/her career prospects after completing the undergraduate degree. However, one can go on with this course and apply for Postgraduate Master Program.

    Career opportunities.

    There are a lot of career opportunities for graduates ranging from private to public sector employment opportunities in specific vocational including management, consultancy, advertising, accountancy, investment banking, management of the bank, retail buying, logistics, management, insurance underwriting marketing executive, consumer products, market research executive, personnel officer, retail management and sails.

    Graduates can further their careers in processions such as:

    • Commercial manager.
    • Project manager.
    • Marketing and sales manager.
    • Finance manager.
    • Customer relationship manager.
    • Specialist in human resource.
    • Assistant product manager.
    • Business manager.
    • Distribution and logistics manager.
    • Business analytic.
    • Retail manager.
    • Marketing executive.
    • Finance manager.
    • Reporting analyst.
    • Operations manager.
    • Administrative manager.
    • General Manager.
    •  Data analyst
    • Operational researcher.
    • Product manager; and many other management fields.

    Entry requirements:

    • 18 years old should be the minimum age of the applicants.
    • It is a must for students to submit certificates of their previous education level or relevant work experience.
    • Applicants with no formal qualifications but mature are welcome, but they have to demonstrate appropriate levels of relevant ability and experience.
    • Anyone who does not meet qualifications needed to pursue this degree is eligible for our foundation year course, as this year prepares the student for the full degree.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will be required to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • When coming for registration, one will be required to bring their original certificates.