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Cyber Security Courses Level 7





    This degree is ideal for individuals who are willing to extend their capabilities for an accelerated early career in information and cyber security. The demand for highly skilled cyber security professionals is rising due to the increasing cases that are being reported in the media and they are related to cyber security, and organizations have to protect their network and data from cybercriminals and fraudsters.

    Students will gain the skills needed for identifying new and existing cyber threats and then determine the processes and methods needed to minimize the threats. They will also learn how to identify and strengthen the websites and applications that are vulnerable to cyber threats and cybercrimes.

    Governments and organizations consider cyber security as the first priority, as their data must and information must be protected from being accessed by unauthorised users. We will work together with students to explore the actions that need to be taken by individuals and organizations so that they can protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

    We will learn everything related to computer networks, operating systems, how they work, their strengths and weaknesses and how cyberattacks occurs. Students will be have the opportunities to think like a hacker, work from inside out, as they recognise organization threats and lastly, learn how to implement and test the security systems.

    By studying this course, one will be ready for a successful career in various direct and indirect roles that are connected to the digital world, information and network security.

    By putting focus on the strategic implementation and deployment of cyber security within a business firm, students will cover all cyber security aspects including network security, data security and computer security.

    Career opportunities.

    Creation of new and innovative career opportunities is taking place due to new cyber threats that keep appearing constantly. Cyber security professionals can easily secure jobs, as government and organizations are the potential target for cyberattacks, and they have to protect their systems from these threats.

    A graduate with MBA degree in cyber security can work as a:

    • • Apps developer.
      • Database admin.
      • Network engineer.
      • Network admin.
      • Risk manager.
      • Officer for data protection.
      • Privacy officer.
      • Senior information technology auditor.
      • Systems admin.
      • Intrusion detector.
      • Security engineer.
      • Malware analyst.
      • Cryptographer.
      • Virus technician.
      • Ethical hacker.
      • Penetration tester.
      • Security manager.
      • Information security engineer.
      • International head of information technology.
      • Software developer.
      • IT manager.
      • Information assurance manager.

    And many more.

    Entry Requirements:

    • If one wants to enroll for this program, he/she must submit a proof of bachelor degree or diploma.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Applicants holding bachelor degree from abroad will have to submit a proof or evidence of an ILTS Language competence certificate that have a minimum score of 6.5.
    • Depending on the education providers, applicants will be requested to provide work experience in related field.
    • While coming for registration, those applying must bring with them their original diploma.