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Digital Technology Technicals Courses




    Digital Technology Technicals Courses

    The Digital Technologies Level Two Technical Award (KS4) enables a learner to know how digital technologies function in day to day life. For those that have an interest in the way information is passes in various methods, why networks are used, considerations during the creation of web pages and the way one can make sure that information gathered is of good quality.

    The technical certificate level two, the advanced certificate level three, the extended advanced diploma level three in digital technologies (KS5) is for the people that are above sixteen years and are willing to experience the application and development of knowledge and skills practically in the industry of digital technology.

    The learner will explore several areas of the industry including application development, social media, web development, cyber security, telecoms, system infrastructure and unified communication.

    The technical qualification can be a component of our partners which an exciting learning framework which is developed to provide learners between the age of fourteen years and nineteen years the professional and technical skills that then need to continue from the FE into apprenticeships or into the university or into the market of modern jobs.

    The technical qualification build the skills of the workplace to ensure they develop the skills that are wanted by employers, our partner extends and goes beyond this technical qualification.

    It puts together accredited projects, critical skills and work experience brought to existence through the Skills Zone of TechBac which is an online innovative learning hub that gives learners the chance to develop and practice their skills anywhere and anytime.

    This Technical Award is for the learners that are between the age of fourteen years and sixteen years and are studying in education full time.

    The qualification of level three is for those between the age of sixteen and eighteen and above nineteen years.


    A learner that has an interest in the Certificate level two in digital technologies has to study the following mandatory units:

    Cyber security

    Digital technologies introduction

    Supporting user introduction

    The leaner will the select one of the following to specialize in:

    Application and software support

    Infrastructure and network support

    Social media and wen support

    The fundamentals of software development

    Data collection and analysis

    Enterprise technologies

    A learner that will pursue the extended diploma has to continue with specializing in one of the following optional units:

    Application development

    Systems infrastructure

    Cyber security

    Social media and web development

    Business analysis

    Unified/Telkom communications


    The Digital Technologies certificate Level two can enable a learner to get employment in the following areas:

    Application and software support

    Infrastructure and network support

    Social media and web support

    The Digital Technologies Level Three advanced Diploma can enable a learner to be employed in:

    Systems administrator trainee

    Network administrator trainee

    The Digital Technologies extended Diploma Level three can lead a learner to the following careers:

    Network or system engineer trainee

    Application developer trainee

    Social media or web coordinator trainee

    Cybersecurity coordinator trainee

    Business analysis trainee

    Communication engineer or telecoms trainee


    To deliver the qualification, colleges and centers have to give three learners and environment that is appropriate e for learning and the facilities or resources they require to complete the theoretical and practical aspects of this qualification.