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MBA International Business Courses Level 7





    This program is ideal for professionals who are willing to improve their management skills and knowledge, and on the same time, broaden their business and management theoretical knowledge. This course is focusing on a specific challenges that are facing global operating organizations or international transactions. This course is aiming at providing the students with an international outlook on business and to understand the particular demand of managing and conducting business daily.

    Globalization has impacted almost every sector and organization, as most of the businesses are conducted across the international boundaries, and therefore, this course will make the students understand the effective business strategy and exclusive leadership and management skills.

    This program will make one understand the successful business strategy and effective management of projects. Students will also study how global and national macroeconomic trends have influenced the companies.

    Students will also have the opportunities to develop transferable skills such as leadership, innovation and creativity, problem-solving, finance, operations movements and strategic decision making.

    Career opportunities.

    Students pursuing this degree are likely to have accrued management and business experience. After completing this degree, one will have the ability to enter into the work force that is prepared for changing business trends, and how the is becoming globalized. Most careers especially in international finance, imports and exports specifically require international expertise.

    A graduate with MBA degree in international business can work as a:

    • Director of international business development.
    • Business planner (international).
    • Manager for international claims.
    • Coordinator of international logistics.
    • International pricing admin.
    • Credit risk analyst.
    • Community banker.
    • International trade associate.
    • Middle East research associate.
    • Customer service officer.
    • Sales officer.
    • Associate for business development.
    • International growth director.
    • Director of business engagement.
    • Team leader of European market.
    • Global account manager.
    • Global business admin.
    • Import and export specialist.

    And many more.

    Entry Requirements:

    • If one wants to enroll for this program, he/she must submit a proof of bachelor degree or diploma.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Applicants holding bachelor degree from abroad will have to submit a proof or evidence of an ILTS Language competence certificate that have a minimum score of 6.5.
    • Depending on the education providers, applicants will be requested to provide work experience in related field.
    • While coming for registration, those applying must bring with them their original diploma.