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Beauty Therapy-Nails and Spa Courses

The Technical Certificate of Level Two in Beauty Therapy aims at those trainees who want to start their professional career in the industry of beauty therapy. Taking the level three qualifications, progressing into the field of employment or into apprenticeship are the options that the trainee has after completing level two.

The Technical Level Three Advanced Therapy in Beauty and Spa Diploma aims at the learners that want practical and technical knowledge and skills that will equip them for employment or further education in the industry of Spa and Beauty Therapy.

The technical qualifications also are a component of our partners which is a new exciting learning framework designed to provide trainees that are between the age of 14 years and 19 years with professional and technical skills that are required to continue from FE to university, job market or apprenticeship.

In order to make sure that those trained have skills needed in the workplace, our partners go further than just technical qualifications. Our partners put together practical job experience, project qualifications and development of critical skills which is an online innovation hub of learning providing learners a chance to develop and practice their skills from any place and at any time.


To deliver the above qualifications, colleges are required to give their trainees a learning environment that is conducive and any resources required to handle the theory and practical aspects to qualify. Colleges collaborate with the local workers that contribute the delivery of knowledge during the training. Employers give talks and demonstrations concerning the industry and provide work placements when possible.

Level Two

Learners that have an interest in The Technical Certificate Level Two in Beauty Therapy study the aspects of the theory of the subject and use them in the practical tasks.

The topics that are compulsory include:

  • Practice principles for the Beauty Therapists
  • Analysis of the skin and the face
  • Pedicure treatments
  • Manicure treatments
  • Physiology and anatomy
  • Treatments for hair removal
  • Services of applying makeup
  • Brow and lash treatments
  • Light gel cured polish

The learners can select the following optional Topics:

  • Tanning treatments
  • Introduction to the industry of spa
  • Care treatment of the male skin

The level two learners of Beauty Retail Technical Certificate will take the theoretical aspects which they will apply in the practical tasks after they have mastered them.

Compulsory subjects are:

  • Customer service and communication
  • Promotional and sales activities
  • Make-up for retail beauty
  • Skin care for retail beauty
  • Working in the retail industry of beauty
  • Additional beauty retail products retail

The level two learners of Nail Treatments technical Certificate will also study the theoretical aspects and put them into practice in the practical tasks.

The compulsory subjects are:

  • Physiology and anatomy for the feet and hands
  • Clear nail enhancement
  • Pedicure services
  • Manicure services
  • Introduction to the industry of nails
  • Services of nail art
  • Light gel cured polish


The Technical Beauty Therapy Level Two Certificate can make one work as a beauty therapist in either of the following places:

  • Hotel
  • Spa
  • Beauty salon
  • Cruise ship

The technical Beauty Retail Level Two Certificate can make one get employed in retailing in either of the following places:

  • Multi-brand or single shop
  • Department store

The technical Nail Treatment Level Two Certificate can make one get employed as a nail technician in either of the following place:

  • Spa
  • Beauty salon
  • Salon
  • Hotel
  • Cruise ship
  • Nail bar

Level Three

The Diploma in Level Three advanced Technical Spa and Beauty Therapy cover several practical knowledge and skills that are needed to work in the industry of Spa and Beauty therapy.

The compulsory areas are:

Provision of body massage

Provision of electrotherapy body treatments

Physiology and anatomy

Promoting and selling services and products to clients

Provision of Spa dry treatments

The optional areas are:

Tanning treatment

Provision of semi-permanent individual lash treatments

Maintaining and monitoring the spa journey of the client

Provision of head Indian massage

Provision of electrical epilation


Advancement in research in the industry of beauty

The Technical Advanced Level Three Certificate in Nail Technology has several knowledge and skills needed to work in the industry of nail technology.

The compulsory areas include:

Nail products Chemistry

Business practice

Applying and creating nail art

Powder and liquid enhancement of the nails

Selling and promoting services and products to customers

Marinating and enhancing the nails with the use of hard gels and light gel

Physiology and anatomy of feet and hands

Creating and presenting industry portfolio, lookbook and mood board

Optional fields are:

Work competition in the nail industry

Creating designs of airbrush for the nails

Nail gel polish services

Enhancement systems of the nail wrap

Nail enhancement with electrical files


Achieving the Advanced Diploma of technical Level Three in the Spa and Beauty Therapy shows an employer that the learner has knowledge and skills of safety and health and customer services. It also shows possession of the essential; technically advanced skills like facial and body electrotherapy and body massage that can make work as a senior spa and beauty therapist.

The qualifications can make one work as a spa and beauty therapist in the following places:

  • Spa
  • Hotel
  • Salon
  • Cruise ship
  • Beauty salon

Achieving Diploma in Level Three technical Nail Technology shows an employer that a learner has the essential technical advanced knowledge need to work as a Nail Technician.

The qualification can make one be employed as a nail technician in the following places:

  • Media
  • Hotel
  • Cruise ship
  • Beauty salon
  • Manufacturing and product company
  • Nair salon/bar