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Nursing Courses Level 6





    This top-up program is meant for a registered nurse qualification including RNG, RMN, RN, RNMH, RNCN and others. After completing this program, students will have an honors degree that will under-line their advanced clinical professionalism and expertise.

    This program is structured in a manner which will allow the individuals who have studied a certificated nursing program to enter in course, study for one year and become holders of honors degree in nursing. This course is ideal for registered nurses who would like to study and become holders of honors degrees and on the same time, continue earning.

    This course is very flexible, as nurse can study while working in different environments in both NHS and independent sectors. The key areas that this study focus on include leadership, life course, ageing and the public health.

    Nursing profession has shown a response to this changes in provision of healthcare, and each professional nurse is required to be fit for practice, fit for purpose and fit for academic award by becoming a practitioner who is knowledgeable and competent and have the skills and knowledge to serve well in a given area of a practical practice.

    Therefore, this course will address the current health agenda of NHS and all the activities that area related to nursing and healthcare. After completing this course, students will be proud honors degree holders, and this will boost their employment opportunities.


    After completing this programs, graduates can decide to either enter in career world or proceed with studies and become a holder of postgraduate master program.

    Career opportunities.

    A graduate will be considered as a registered after completing this program and passing a license test. The role of registered nurses is to educate and treat patients and their families about their overall health. Nurses work together with doctors to administer therapy, treat, record statistics and recording patients’ personal information. A wide range of health care issues are covered by this degree, and this allows careers in leisure, social care, education, health research, volunteering community development and health promotion, administration and management.

    A graduate can also work as a:

    • Psychologist.
    • Primary care official.
    • Volunteer manager.
    • Manager for sister ward.
    • A graduate can also work as a;
    • Care assistant.
    • Family support worker.
    • Mentor in high education.
    • Dental assistant.
    • Practical nurse.
    • Adult nurse.
    • Human resource manager.
    • Prison nurse.
    • Surgery nurse.
    • Plastic surgery nurse.
    • Critical care nurse.
    • Emergency nurse.
    • Blood nurse.
    • Pharmaceutical nurse.
    • School nurse.
    • Coordinator of health promotion,
    • Assistant practitioner.
    • Manager for social work.
    • Health service manager.
    • Nurse.
    • Midwife.
    • Technician.
    • Community matron.
    • Supervisor for respiratory therapy,
    • GP.
    • Admin.

    And many more.

    Entry requirements:

    • This course is ideal for applicants that hold a level 5 qualification such as higher national diploma or other equivalent. In addition, applicants must have to have competed the second year of degree that is relevant and comparable.
    • Should be a holder of foundation degree or higher national diploma with a compatible syllabus that has a relationship with this course.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Qualifications have to be checked by the institution where he/she is applying before he/she is allowed to enroll.
    • When coming for registration, students are urged to bring their original diploma, and this is a compulsory requirement