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Web Design Courses Level 4,5





    This module offer the students with description of creating web pages by use of different techniques such as JavaScript, CSS, and use of the adobe software Dreamweaver. The complete module is based on hands-on. At the end of this module, students will be have gone through a practical web design project that will ensure they have gone through the process of website design by planning and creation of structure, coding and use of different web design software.

    Internet has taken over the world, and almost is every activity is done via internet. We use social media for communication and entertainment while business firms and organizations use social media to market their products and services, as most of potential customers are found on social media platforms. Marketing is just a part of internet use by organizations. Most of them are using their websites to communicate with partners, suppliers, government agents, employees and potential employees.

    This massive growth shows that there is a high demand for individuals with expertise for crafting robust, easy to use web systems that support their organization’s success. Individuals are urged to be a part of this exciting sector through studying this course.

    Successful implementation of web apps requires the planning, development and management of an extensive media design range and technical solutions, and this means that students will have an opportunity work together in developing their project management skills as well as developing their skills in web development, and they will have the support of experienced and skilled mentors.

    This course makes the students understand the principles of different areas of digital designing sector as well as strategies and theories used in contemporary digital media. As a result, the students’ confidence is boosted, and this is important as they will get the courage to handle situations in the real world.


    After completing this degree, students will have an opportunity to progress and be a bachelor degree holders by studying for one additional year at various universities in the UK, and they can choose from a wide range that is related to computing.

    Career opportunities.

    After completing this course, graduates can be employed as websites managers, web developers, usability evaluators, test engineers and managers of web-based systems within organizations.

    Entry requirements:

    • Applicants should be 18 and over years old.
    • Those applying have to submit a proof of prior certified learning documents such as secondary school diploma or level 3 qualification.
    • Applicants must undergo a compulsory interview with the college during registration.
    • Those applying must come with their original certificates on registration day.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.