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Student Loan Company

SLC is a non-profit organization that is owned and operated by the government. It was set up in 1989 with an aim of helping students by providing them with loans and grants so that they pursue college and university education. It is based in the UK, and it helps the students from UK and EU who want to pursue higher education but they are unable to pay due to different circumstances. The mission of this organization is to enable the customers, to invest their future by delivering accurate, secure and efficient assessment, payment and repayment services.

This company provides loans that will help the student to cover their cost of living as well and pay for tuition. For maintenance loans, students receive this money directly, as it is deposited into their personal bank accounts. However, the tuition fee deposited in the banks accounts of the colleges or universities. Students are not supposed to pay for tuition fee upfront if it is their first degree, as they can get tuition fee that will cover the full course. Students are likely to be eligible for maintenance loan as well as extra support but this will depend on their circumstances. These loans are refundable at the end of study. Additionally, students are allowed to start paying their loan when they start to earn more than 21,000 euros per year.

Funding your study.

The structure and strategy for applying this loan will depend on student’s area of residence when they first apply.

Northern Ireland – Student Finance Northern Ireland

England or an EU country – Student Finance England

Scotland – Student Awards Agency for Scotland

Wales – Student Finance Wales

Available funds.

Tuition fee.

This loan is for student’s tuition fee, and it is paid directly to colleges and universities. Students cannot, as it paid directly to the colleges on their behalf.

Maintenance loans- fulltime students.

This loan will help the students to overcome their daily cost while conducting their studies, and it deposited to their personal banks accounts. The loan limit will depend on the student’s circumstances.

Dependants’ grants for fulltime students.

Special allowances and grants maybe available students who study fulltime and they have dependants, thus needing extra help for taking care of these extra costs. These are the Parents' Learning Allowance Adult Dependants' Grant and the Childcare Grant.

Travel grant.

The purpose of this loan is to cover the travelling costs for students studying abroad or for people trainings such as medical, clinical or dentistry.

Disabled students’ allowances.

The purpose of this loan is to cover all costs for students with disability without considering whether they are fulltime or part-time students.

Support for part-time students.

The aim of this fee is to help the part-time students with money to cover their tuition fee and course. The amount granted will depend on their household income.’

Support for post graduate students.

This type of loan aims to support any individual who wants to pursue post graduate education whether fulltime, part-time and flexible. It includes course and personal cost fee. Doctorates and PhD loans are now available.


The loan grant will depend on personal eligibility, course and the university or college.

1 personal eligibility.


Applicants should be 18 years old of over. Even though there is no upper age limit for, applicants should not exceed 60 years in their course’s first academic year.

Area of residence

  • Applicant must be UK citizens or must have settled status.
  • Must be living in England.
  • Applicants should make sure that have been in UK/EU for at least three years before they apply.

Applicants can also apply if they are:

  • EU national.
  • A refugee.
  • Under humanitarian protection or a relative of one.
  • More than 18 years, having been in England for the last 20 years.
  • Swiss migrant worker.
  • Son/daughter of a Swiss national.
  • Son/daughter of a Turkish national.

Applicants who live in the Channel Island of the Isle of Man cannot apply to Student Finance England, and this means that they should contact education authority on their islands so that they can apply for student finance.

Previous studies.

This loans is for the applicants who are applying for the first time or rather the students who are pursuing the course for the first time. They will get tuition fee for the whole course and additional one year but this is if they wish. This extra year bonus is used if the students change the course or if they decide to start the course again after leaving it.

Length eligibility for funding is calculated as;

2 course.

The course the students plan to purse must be in UK, and they must be one of the following:

  • First degree.
  • Foundation degree.
  • Higher education certificate.
  • Higher national certificate. (HNC)
  • Higher national diploma.
  • Higher education diploma.
  • Post graduate certificate in education.
  • Integrated masters.
  • Initial teacher training.

Individual who would like to apply but they are not sure about their course are advised to check with their university or college.

3 university or college.

The college or university of study should be in UK. Additionally, it should be publicly funded or privately funded but some of the courses being studied there are receiving public funding.

What does Student Loans Company do?

Government funded loans are administered by this company, and sometimes, it grants to HE and FE leaners on England, wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland’s behalf.

The primary role of this company.

The first one is to ensure that it has delivered the appropriate information to all customer groups, and it has done it on the right time.

The second one is to ensure that it has delivered financial support to eligible students pursuing higher education, and by what is expected by student support regulations, and in Scotland, this is conducted in partnership with the SAAS.

The other one is to ensure it has contribute toward tuition fees for wales, England and Northern Ireland.

To pay and scholarships bursaries on higher education providers’ behalf.

To work together with HMRC as a way of making sure that repayments are done on time.

Management of the direct collection of additional payments that are voluntary, repayments for individuals living in other countries and recovery of loans that have been overpaid.

Provision of advice that is needed to support policy making by administration.

Undertaking of specific tasks for individual administrations such as paying the education maintenance allowances on behalf of private sector.

We have shared the UK ‘s requirement;

By making sure that payments have been done on right amount, right time and at the right people.

By ensuring our customers are satisfied at all stages.

By making sure that the loans are repaid at the right time, thus minimizing the taxpayer’s cost.

By providing a service that is designed to al; customers’ needs.

Streaming the students’ finance system by use of latest technology, thus improving customer service.

By making sure that there is no frauds activities taking place within this sector.

Ensuring that students’ support is at its best.

The content herein is just for purposes of guiding you and it can be changed. We are a world leader in the provision of services to employers, trainees and those that offer training and skills development across various sectors that help meet the needs of the current work environment. The apprenticeships and qualifications which we offer help learners to build their abilities and skills for progression in career and are recognized by employers globally. We believe in working together.

Working with our customers can enable us to make our vision a reality to provide solutions and support and solve the main problems faced by training centers and colleges. We have a commitment to assisting individuals to land a job, grow in the job and proceed to higher levels. We do have international recognition and awards. We possess teams that are specialized in fields like the development of eLearning, learning platforms, qualifications, accreditation and assessment, learning design and consultancy.

We also provide various programs that are fully-funded in all levels and these have an aim of enabling a learner to get the correct employment route or build your knowledge further. Our mission is to promote and give opportunities for personal and career development for every person that we work together.

For every funded course provided to you, you can get detailed information regarding the qualifications, applications, documents, web addresses, additional information, phones and others. We are hopeful that information which is categorized into the field will enable the learners to choose the appropriate pathway for themselves. It will also assist you to know the significance of the qualifications sources in your future career both from the money point of view and the general lifestyle point of view that will be developed by working and living in the country of employment.

We offer vocational courses of training on handling academic, emotional and social barriers and assisting every person build the skills and tools and develop the abilities that are needed to break the cycle of employment. After the learner completes the training, we offer our learners services of job brokering and assist them to practice their gained confidence, knowledge and skills in the workplace in a company and industry that is most suitable for them.

During the learning journey, we provide guidance, advice, and support to our leaners. While we do so, we both ensure that there is an effective transition to work from the welfare and also ensure that the candidates transform into valuable and integral individuals of the company that will offer them employment and uses their potential to benefit their employers.

We work hard with a lot of professionalism, interest, and seriousness to build and developed a logistics structure in all the targeted areas of activity. We also try as much as possible to provide you with the expected services at competitive and fair prices in the industry especially when referring to courses of qualification and NVQ services and cards that are provided through projects. More information about the NVQ services can be found in the handbook of qualification website. This is a site that will provide you with the content and information on how to get the qualifications that are needed in the labor market.

All the courses are categorized into structures, qualifications and trade types and therefore every information that is associated with any of the domains can be found easily. This is the main aim of the qualifications, to try as much as possible to do a thing that is significant for our communities through the provision of information that is well documented in terms of obligations, benefits, and rights that employees have while working in the labor market.

When necessary, we try and combine people from different strands and backgrounds to build greater things than just the summation of constituent parts. Promoting diversity will ensure we serve every part of the world and ensure that any learner that can have an interest in taking the qualifications is not left out.

This may sometimes mean having to find a backup of ideas from the laboratory or example and making it to grow into patient care approach or treatment.

For instance, the method of preventing the mitochondrial infection which is a devastating disease which is genetic and passed to a child from the mother was developed after several scientific research years to know the core mitochondria biology and what occurs when the mitochondria do not function in a proper way.

Then what followed was the IVF methodologies development for its prevention and the campaign and policy program that was aimed at promoting change. This means that the law of the UK today allows the use of the methodologies.

There are times when we choose take interdisciplinary approaches from the beginning. For example, the Hub that opens when a new tab is added is a space that is specially designed where creative minds such as researchers can participate and collaborate. This was developed out of the mind and there is a certain group that is made of dementia explorers and will be the residents of the Hub in the next few years.

A network which includes clinicians, artists, broadcasters, experts of public health and scientists are going to challenge and examine the dementia perceptions and views through the use of creative experiments, public events, collaborations and scientific experiments.

We are sincere to our values and vision of our foundation. The work we do today is a reflection of the interests, the progress and the belief that research and a science are a way of expanding knowledge and skills through investigating and testing existing ideas. Our governance is founded on a version of the organization will that is updated.

We have a funding that is in support of several individuals from various countries across the world. We are aiming at a higher target of spending billions to help millions of passionate and curious individuals across the world. We will help them to explore various things in medical innovation, public engagement, population health, social sciences and science as a whole.