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What we offer

What we offer

If you are already one of us, we thank you and are grateful for believing in us and our actions and we hope you maintain the collaboration for as long as it takes. If you are a beginner or new with the services we offer at our websites, centers, and our partners’ institutions, we welcome you and we will assist you to study and document the types of professional courses, qualifications and NVQs in any sector that you want to work across the world especially in the United Kingdom.

Are you an individual that is looking for a trustworthy consultant to assist you whenever you require help and give you services of high quality in whatever language you choose?

Are you an individual that is searching for a professional, extensive and serious experienced provider of services in various sectors and has immediate help and trust in any part of the world?

Then the answer is that our organization can give you the support you need by acting as your partners regardless of the services you seek and your social status. Regardless of the  content that you require, we are always there for your services with vast knowledge of the courses and professional qualifications, thousands of courses that are funded by the state, qualifiers on various trades, NVQ cards and a lot of useful services that are provided through the projects that are developed specifically for you. We provide a diverse range of qualifications for people that live and work anywhere in the world that want to have an integration that is successful.

We collaborate with a team of professionals that are aiming at creating and maintaining a good and long working relationship with everyone that needs our services. Anyone that makes use of the services that we provide regardless of who they are or where they come from will be treated in a professional way and our team will ensure it serves our customers as per their interests.

When you make a request for our services and you choose the qualification or the course or that card or any other service that you may require, you will receive an email, call or message from our collaborators, partners and colleagues asking you on which way you will like your request to be resolved in the most efficient manner.

You will get complete, well-structured and ample information on this website on the funded courses that you can register for depending on your needs, preferences, and possibilities. We provide a detailed description of the fields and the courses and therefore the information you get here will be of importance to you. We periodically make an addition to the other courses that are funded which may be available at certain periods for you.

Your requests and needs will be attended to regardless of the sector of activity and will always be a priority treated with care by our experts who are part of the programs that we offer and therefore your requests and needs will be resolved in a very effective manner.

Our time comprises of young, specialized experts in the various sectors and qualifications that we offer. You will deal with an expert in whichever field or qualification that you choose.  The experts have extensive experiences in all the areas that have been listed in our qualification handbooks and our websites. The experiences and expertise that we have acquired qualifies and enables us to provide the best suggestions and solutions to your requests and needs and enable to solve the situation. We take our work seriously and handle everything in the most appropriate and professional way.

We provide various international highly prestigious scholarships to recognize the talents if various international students. The scholarships are meant to reward and attract the best students around the world. We can work together and partner with various organizations around the world and also bid for a variety of opportunities for funding from all over the world.

We make use of qualifications that are recognized internationally to provide various accredited and non-accredited courses and training products.

The qualifications are provided by experts in the industry that share their experience and knowledge expertise with the delegates. We ensure that we are updated when it comes to the needs of training in various sectors and therefore they are well kept to suit any learner.

We offer vocational courses of training on handling academic, emotional and social barriers and assisting every person build the skills and tools and develop the abilities that are needed to break the cycle of employment. After the learner completes the training, we offer our learners services of job brokering and assist them to practice their gained confidence, knowledge and skills in the workplace in a company and industry that is most suitable for them.

During the learning journey, we provide guidance, advice, and support to our leaners. While we do so, we both ensure that there is an effective transition to work from the welfare and also ensure that the candidates transform into valuable and integral individuals of the company that will offer them employment and uses their potential to benefit their employers.

Our compulsory products can be delivered to your home or premises. We can also create a bespoke module for you and even accredit the training program of your own.

We provided funded training programs from time to time. We have been able to deliver successfully several projects and programs that are funded locally and across the world by giving several fully funded and partly funded training in various sectors.

We know that skills of higher level enable companies, businesses, professionals, and people to remain competitive.

We have also developed a category of short professional courses and continuous professional and career development to enable you to make an investment in your team and keep adding value to your organization and business.

We provided funded training programs from time to time. We have been able to deliver successfully several projects and programs that are funded locally and across the world by giving several fully funded and partly funded training in various sectors.

We wholly concentrate on giving you opportunities to create new business and grow existing businesses from knowing about the best and specific practices in various sectors a and various groups of special interests. This also includes having the knowledge of securing human resources and funding and being able to develop customer engagement links in the international market.

Regardless of whether you are retired, you are employed with free time to train or you are at the beginning of your career or at the beginning of your degree, we do believe that our qualifications will provide you with benefits that will enhance your skills, knowledge, and experience and even develop your CV. This may include increasing the level of your transferable knowledge and skills, being able to discover new perspectives and subjects, developing the critical thinking capacity, studying in an environment that is conducive and supportive and even being able to acquire a qualification from your home premises.

We offer education that is created with consideration of various countries’ structure. Countries may have different governments and systems and we take this into consideration.