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We provide training services which improve the performance of management, teams, and individuals. We put emphasis on sales, leadership skills, and motivation. This ensures there is a high improvement in employee performance and engagement and also reduces the costs of recruitment. It acts as an encouragement for employees to adopt higher order skills of thinking and successful philosophies.

They include:


We offer the short courses and mandatory induction and in-house training that are needed for professional development of an individual or team. They may either be provided as a package meant for the needs of the organization or the needs of an individual. Packages can even include other subjects that are tailored to the professional standards.

We collaborate and partner with trainers or organizations which offer courses at competitive prices from all industries across the globe. The funded courses can either be delivered as tome or nationally or complemented with other online learning and applications. To get further information, you can contact us and get the information you want regarding those courses that do not appear on our website.

Our main work is getting people into the job market, to the roles that are suitable for them and the roles where they can be of value to their employers. In order to achieve this, we ensure we provide the learners with the right and appropriate training and ensure they acquire the qualifications which they require to land a rewarding job.  We also provide employability courses and training for free.

Candidates who prepared enough for the current requirements of the workplace have a high chance of being successful in the current job market that has become highly competitive. In today’s current workplace, even the positions of entry-level need the key skills and training. This makes us proud to collaborate with centers, institutes, and colleges to offer practical qualifications that are worthy in various sectors and fields.

In addition, we do not take pleasure in only training an individual for a job. We want to get to learn and know our candidates and know their preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. This way, we are in a position to match our candidates with appropriate companies where they will fit.  In the past, we have been able to connect several candidates with their appropriate employers and we are also aware that the approach of one size fits all provides a few more benefits as compared to other approaches. This approach is provided by traditional agencies of recruitment and is one of the most appropriate strategies.

We provide support services that are intensive and built to give support to individuals that find the management of mainstream learning a bit hard. This ensures learning can be accessed by people that have social issues, mental issues, and disabilities that prevent them from further development and learning. We also provide services to adults, people with disabilities and young people that are in the system of criminal justice.

We collaborate with learning charities that specialize in providing services to people that are vulnerable and those that need extra support in the community.  This is part of support services that are intensive and built to give support to individuals that have social issues, emotional and mental issues. This is given together with learning to make sure there is a blended and tailored approach to awards. There is a high rate of success in this approach for previous candidates.

We look forward to a chance to partner with you and create a long-term relationship on qualifications and university studies, NVQ and CSCS cards of various types, the government-funded professional sources and any other subjects that you may need.

We are also trying to increase the services quality through this program in the courses of professional qualifications field. We want to help the potential learners to get the information that they required less than one roof. We offer information concerning thousands of NVQs and qualification cards.

During the learning journey, we provide guidance, advice, and support to our leaners. While we do so, we both ensure that there is an effective transition to work from the welfare and also ensure that the candidates transform into valuable and integral individuals of the company that will offer them employment and uses their potential to benefit their employers.

We also provide personal development services for organizations, teams, and individual. Courses in leadership, counseling, motivation, and coaching are also provided.

We provide services which consider the reasons that make people unemployed. Employability and living successfully. This also involves individual analysis, mind management, limitation of beliefs, economic, political and cultural reasons for change and behavior in people. It provides a basis for behavior and change management. This also increases the level of self-belief and motivation to make the candidates proceed into successful results. It can break the obstacles that are associated with unemployment and those associated with leadership and promotion.

The one on one coaching builds direction and focus in our learners to increase the level of self-believe and motivation. We provide consultation services and business mentoring too.

If you are already one of us, we thank you and are grateful for believing in us and our actions and we hope you maintain the collaboration for as long as it takes. If you are a beginner or new with the services we offer at our websites, centers, and our partners’ institutions, we welcome you and we will assist you to study and document the types of professional courses, qualifications and NVQs in any sector that you want to work across the world especially in the United Kingdom.

We provide services in terms of NVQ cards, CSCS and professional qualification, given that they are the most requested fields of information for those that are working across the world.

You will get complete, well-structured and ample information on this website on the funded courses that you can register for depending on your needs, preferences, and possibilities. We provide a detailed description of the fields and the courses and therefore the information you get here will be of importance to you. We periodically make an addition to the other courses that are funded which may be available at certain periods for you.

We offer a project that is dividing into three sections which are services, courses and cards for those that need to get a qualification in various fields so that they can get a job and be wanted in a well-paying and legal job.

Our programs are dedicated to everyone that needs to start a career and are developed in partnership with the collaborators who are always there for the client regardless of the activity field, course, qualification and trade.

Regardless of the  content that you require, we are always there for your services with vast knowledge of the courses and professional qualifications, thousands of courses that are funded by the state, qualifiers on various trades, NVQ cards and a lot of useful services that are provided through the projects that are developed specifically for you. We provide a diverse range of qualifications for people that live and work anywhere in the world that want to have an integration that is successful. Your requests and needs will be attended to regardless of the sector of activity and will always be a priority treated with care by our experts who are part of the programs that we offer and therefore your requests and needs will be resolved in a very effective manner.