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Gas Utilisation Courses



    Gas utilisation Courses

    Gas Installation industry is the reason why these Diplomas have been designed. After completing any pathways in those courses, learners will have a chance of applying for Gas Safe Registration and work in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. There are two options offered by these flexible qualification, and they are:

    • Gas Safety matters, and these matters are aligned for the learners undertaking apprenticeship of employed in the industry and those who offer installation and maintenance on a range of appliances.
    • Gas Safety non matters, and these matters are knowledge-based qualification meant for those who are not likely to be working in the industry.

    These options those that are starting out on their careers or the domestic engineers that have been in this industry for long time, and they have the experience. One can simply choose the pathway that is good for the job role or the job the learner wants to progress to.


    One can choose the pathway where developed specialist knowledge and skills are demonstrated.

    The following could be included:

    • Gas emergencies.
    • Installation of gas and/or offering maintenance services for cookers, tumble driers, domestic space heating, leisure and domestic warm air.
    • Practices on how to work safely.
    • Planning work activities.
    • Ensuring that a safety working environment has been maintained.
    • Gas safety.

    The student will be learning in the job from the working environment or in the classroom where realistic appliances and situations will be available.

    There will be various ways of assessing learners, and these ways will include knowledge questions, Gas Safety RWE practical, observation and evidence portfolio.

    Level 3- this is for the apprentice, those new in the industry or those who have the experience but are willing to add their skills, and they require a license to practice and join the Gas Safety Register as a way of working in as a gas engineer in the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey.

    One may also be willing to complete the knowledge element of his/her apprenticeship in gas utilization before getting employed.


    By possessing these qualifications, one can easily get a job as a domestic gas engineer, and he can work under the following roles:

    • Gas Emergency First Call Operative.
    • Engineer in installing gas
    • Heating engineer
    • Engineer for Gas maintenance.
    • Gas Service technician.


    To ensure that these qualifications have been delivered successfully, qualified assessors and suitable facilities will be needed, and one can find these requirements in the qualification handbook.

    If you offer the following, you have a chance of been given an automatic approval for level 3 diploma;

    • NVQ in installation of domestic natural gas, maintenance and emergency services.
    • Domestic Natural Gas Installation and Maintenance and Emergency Services Operations certificates.
    • NVQ in Domestic Natural Gas.

    Level 3.

    DfE has approves one or more pathways within this qualification to appear in the 2016’s table of performance. Click here to review the qualifications approved.

    This level is ideal for the experienced gas engineer, and who requires license to practice and join the Gas Safe Register so that he/she can work as a gas engineer in the UK, Isle of Man and Guernsey. One can also be looking forward to complete the knowledge element if apprenticeship.

    This level can suite the following qualifications:

    • Gas Utilization, diploma level 3, and this is for those seeking careers in the gas industry. (Non Matters of Gas Safety Aligned)
    • Gas Utilization, diploma level 3, and this is for those who are willing to energy efficient units (Matters of Gas Safety Aligned)
    • Gas Utilization, diploma level 3, and this is for those with existing plumbing qualifications (Matters of Gas Safety Alinged)

    Mandatory units comprised:

    • How to understand health and safety in gas utilization.
    • How to understand the scientific principles in gas utilization.
    • How to understand the combustion and properties of a gas.
    • How to understand building services and structures.
    • Understanding gas safety.


    They include:

    1. Gas Emergency First Call Operative:
    • Heating Engineer
    • Gas Distribution Worker
    • Gas Installation Engineer
    • Gas Service Technician.
    • Gas Maintenance Engineer