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Electrical Power Engineering Courses



    Electrical Power Engineering Courses

    Those who are willing to work or have been working in the power industry, and are available for jobs roles including wind turbine and meter installation are fit for these qualifications. Qualifications at level 2 and three, and some SCQF level 5 and 6 are included.

    Part of the power industry apprenticeships frameworks are formed by most of these qualifications.

    All these qualifications are based on occupational standards that are appropriate for the nation, and these standards are developed by Energy and Utility Skills for the industry.

    Electrical Power Engineering diploma level 3 – transmission and distribution (technical knowledge).

    Electrical Power Engineering diploma level 3 – how to maintain the wind turbine (technical knowledge).

    These qualifications are ideal for those joining the industry including the apprentices and experienced employees whose wish is to prove competence or improve their knowledge and skills.


    Needs of most occupations in the power industry can be met by these available qualifications, and these qualifications include:

    • Operating and maintaining a power plant.
    • Maintaining a wind turbine.
    • Installing a wind turbine.
    • Substation plant
    • Overhead lines or underground cables.

    Knowledge qualifications can either be delivered away from work, and either in a classroom or a workplace. Multiple-choice questions and short answer question papers are used to assess the students.

    Assessment of competence qualification takes place during the real work activities.

    However, this will depend on one’s job role, and it is likely to mean completing a level 2 qualification prior to level 2.

    One might move straight to level three in some occupations with high degree of technical knowledge and skills.


    One can become:

    • A team leader or a supervisor.
    • Meter installer.
    • Maintenance and operations engineer.
    • Lines man.


    As a way of delivering these qualifications, one will need qualified assessors, and one can train the internal staff members or recruit specially.

    Suitable facilities will all be needed in order to carry out the required training, as this will enable the learners to achieve the industry standards.

    Eligibility requirements are not needed.

    Level 2.

    Ideal for those completing apprenticeship in the power industry and they possess relevant knowledge and skills usually from the role where he has been supervised.

    If one works in the following areas, then the Electrical Power Engineering qualifications are available for him.

    • Overhead lines.
    • Substation plants.
    • Underground cables.
    • Wind turbine maintenance.


    One can get the following jobs;

    Team leader, meter installer, linesman, operations engineer, maintenance engineer and a wind turbine technician.