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Accounting & Financial Management Courses Level 6





    This program covers all areas of accounting and financial accounting in a business context students will have an opportunity to develop approaches (fresh) of coming up with solutions to problems at workplaces, by integration of knowledge from different topics. They will also gain the confidence and knowledge they need in order to step into career at the level of managerial in sectors such as management, business, accounting and finance.

    This course will act as a bridge, as it will help the students who are HND holder to be honors degree holder after one year. This course has been designed in a manner that will provide the students with a much deeper understanding of key fiancé and accounting principles as well as a range of skills that are ready for career.

    This course is preparing the students for both national and international understanding of business context and global economy. Students will also learn how finance and accounting contributes in the company’s decision making.

    On the course of this program, students will gain specific analytical skills in key areas of management, and these skills includes communication, global business knowledge, entrepreneurship and decision making.


    After completing this programs, graduates can decide to either enter in career world or proceed with studies and become a holder of postgraduate master program.

    Career opportunities.

    This course provides the students with the foundations they need so that they can become practicing accountants. It also acts as a bridge to different careers in the industry and business.

    A gradate cab also work as a:

    • • Forensic accountant.
      • Director of accounting.
      • Accounting supervisor.
      • Accounting vice president.
      • Assistant finance director.
      • Auditor.
      • Bookkeeper.
      • Budget analyst
      • Budget manager.
      • CPA.
      • Audit supervisor.
      • Controller.
      • Risk manager.

    And many more.

    Entry requirements:

    • This course is ideal for applicants that hold a level 5 qualification such as higher national diploma or other equivalent. In addition, applicants must have to have competed the second year of degree that is relevant and comparable.
    • Should be a holder of foundation degree or higher national diploma with a compatible syllabus that has a relationship with this course.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Qualifications have to be checked by the institution where he/she is applying before he/she is allowed to enroll.
    • When coming for registration, students are urged to bring their original diploma, and this is a compulsory requirement