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Education and Training Courses – Level 4,5





    The society for education and training recognizes this diploma. It is ideal for teachers and trainers in post compulsory sector of education or for those individuals who would like to acquire a qualification that have a national recognition and those who are yet to be employed as teachers. It is also ideal for individual who offer training, teaching and assessment services to others on regular basis.

    This diploma provides the students with skills, knowledge and understanding needed to teach in national schools, colleges and other institutions. By studying this course, students are allowed to undertake an analytical and practical approach to all the training and education aspects, right from planning to designing to assessing and supporting the learners. Students will also cover education and training’s principles and theories. They will also be given the opportunity to embed these theories in their own teaching and practice.

    By successfully completing this course, candidates will take a reflective, analytical and practical approach to all the planning, delivering and assessing aspects that will include teaching and training. Students will also be given the opportunity to embed these theories in their own teaching and practice. Apart from giving the students the expertise and a chance to investigate the current practices and theories of education, this course also gives them the opportunity of demonstrating that they have the ability to transfer their research findings into their own teaching practices.


    After completing this course, students can apply foe qualified teacher learning and skills (QTLS) status or qualified teacher status (QTS) via ETF. After completing this degree, students will have an opportunity to progress and be a bachelor degree holders by studying for one additional year at various universities in the UK.

    Career opportunities.

    After completing this course, students can be employed as teachers, community trainers, tutors, adult and community teachers, training providers, and uniformed services trainers among others.

    Entry requirements:

    • Applicants should be 18 and over years old.
    • Those applying have to submit a proof of prior certified learning documents such as secondary school diploma or level 3 qualification.
    • Applicants must undergo a compulsory interview with the college during registration.
    • Those applying must come with their original certificates on registration day.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.