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Network Engineering & Telecommuniction Systems (Nets)





    By studying this courser, graduates will have an opportunity to meet the demands and expectations this fast growing telecommunication and networks sector. It is two year program whose purpose is to develop the students’ technical capabilities in the sector of telecommunications. Students will be introduced the network essentials, programming systems and telecommunication skills.

    Modern life can feel the impacts telecommunications and computer systems engineering due to how they have advanced. Companies that deal with telecommunications and computer networking are looking for individuals and graduates who have the knowledge and skills needed to install, design and maintain network systems and telecommunications.

    This course prepares the students for careers in world that is technologically-advanced in terms of telecommunications. It is about integration of computer systems and their make up with telecommunication and networking principles and techniques that are more advanced.

    This course concentrates on communication networks that connects the world.


    After completing this degree, students will have an opportunity to progress and be a bachelor degree holders by studying for one additional year at various universities in the UK, and they can choose from a wide range that is related to computing including network engineering.

    Career opportunities.

    After completing this course, students will have a chance of getting jobs in different sectors that depend on information technology and computers, and they will have the opportunities to work as information systems managers, IT manufacturing personnel, e-business strategist system analyst and many more.

    Entry requirements:

    • Applicants should be 18 and over years old.
    • Those applying have to submit a proof of prior certified learning documents such as secondary school diploma or level 3 qualification.
    • Applicants must undergo a compulsory interview with the college during registration.
    • Those applying must come with their original certificates on registration day.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.