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Design Management Courses Level 7





    This program is ideal for individuals who would like to enhance and develop their careers through understanding the design and innovation value. Students will learn ways of harnessing the creativity power within the business, and additionally, how it can be used as a tool of strategy. Having excellent designs help the companies gain the competitive advantages by creating attractive propositions needed to handle more demanding customers. Management of direction and successful new ideas exploitation is crucial for all business firms.

    In corporate world, the role of design managers is to oversee the development of products and services and also management of innovation process workflow. Additionally, they have a significant role for managing business strategies, as product and service value require continuous improvement in order to meet customer expectations. Furthermore, design managers are likely to be involved in broader organizations, issues of development.

    By studying this course, students will gain an opportunity for developing an advanced understanding of practical application of design strategy and thinking, and how it is applied within the organizations. The aim of this course is to provide the students with skills needed by the companies so that they can achieve their plans and strategize them through the designing mode.

    Career opportunities.

    Graduates of this course has a chance to infuse design thinking into organizations’ business strategies ranging from magazines to newspapers to websites to television networks. Design management is about the connection of all aspects involved in the design process, and this aspects include; design, development, marketing and technology and as well as focusing on needs and expectations of the clients and consumers. There are various sectors where design management professionals can work, and this sectors include marketing, graphic designs and motion pictures.

    A graduate with MBA degree in design management can work as a:

    • Creative director.
    • Director of design.
    • Director of art.
    • Business manager.
    • Creative lead.
    • Senior designer.
    • Middle weight designer.
    • Graphics designer
    • Flash designer.
    • Communication designer.
    • UX designer.
    • Visual designer.
    • Manager for art development.
    • Designer of logos.
    • Art worker.
    • Production artist.
    • Layout artist.
    • Web designer.
    • Web creator.
    • Software developer/

    And more.

    Entry Requirements:

    • If one wants to enroll for this program, he/she must submit a proof of bachelor degree or diploma.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Applicants holding bachelor degree from abroad will have to submit a proof or evidence of an ILTS Language competence certificate that have a minimum score of 6.5.
    • Depending on the education providers, applicants will be requested to provide work experience in related field.
    • While coming for registration, those applying must bring with them their original diploma.