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Law and Accounting Courses – Level 4,5,6




    In the recent years, the fields of finance, accounting and economics have considerably developed, and this means that graduates are expected to possess a range of skills that transfer into a business environment. This is why we have this degree, as its aim is to the students with the knowledge they need in both small and large organizations.

    By pursuing this degree, one will acquire accounting skills and legal knowledge, thus enabling him/her to pursue a career in law or accounting or in both professions. If an individual wants to become a successful accountant, he/she will need to understand the law, and additionally, commercial lawyers often operates in financial and accounting environment.

    This degree has combination of two business’ critical functions, thus allowing the students to develop both legal knowledge and accounting skills. This degree has been designed to produce professionally focused graduates who possess an in-depth accounting and law theory and practical.

    The broader aspects of business organization are addressed by this degree, and on the same time, providing insights into consume and corporate legislation, corporate regulations and other business and enterprise legal aspects. This course has a wide range of potential careers upon its successful completion. This degree will equip the students with a real understanding of legal considerations impact every aspect of management activity.


    The student can decide to his/her career prospects after completing the undergraduate degree. However, one can go on with this course and apply for Postgraduate Master Program. If one is in need of more information, she can contact Atlantic London.

    Career opportunities.

    Graduates with law and accounting background are in high demand, as they are needed in both large organizations and small business firms, and also in legal firms. Additionally, this degree will favor individuals who would like to pursue other areas off accountancy such as auditing and taxation, and also areas that deal with legal issues including auditing, taxation and disagreements within the organization.

    One can also become:

    • Barrister.
    • Clerk.
    • An attorney.
    • Paralegal.
    • Chartered legal executive.
    • Manager for risk.
    • Attorney for trademark.
    • HR officer.
    • Trading officer.
    • Teacher.
    • Manager for asset leasing.
    • Software consultant.
    • Patent attorney.
    • Admin.
    • Legal secretary.
    • Admin for law firm.
    • Manager for legal records.
    • Court messenger.
    • Judge.’
    • Magistrate.
    • Trial consultant.
    • Regulatory affairs director.

    And more.

    Entry requirements:

    • 18 years old should be the minimum age of the applicants.
    • It is a must for students to submit certificates of their previous education level or relevant work experience.
    • Applicants with no formal qualifications but mature are welcome, but they have to demonstrate appropriate levels of relevant ability and experience.
    • Anyone who does not meet qualifications needed to pursue this degree is eligible for our foundation year course, as this year prepares the student for the full degree.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will be required to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • When coming for registration, one will be required to bring their original certificates.