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Marketing Courses Level 7





    This program is aiming to provide a program that is academically challenging and stimulating and will have the ability to educate, stimulate and enhance the professional competence of cognate marketing students. Students will be prepared for middle and top management roles in marketing in different sectors, as they will have an opportunity to develop their knowledge, intellectual skills and professional and transferrable skills needed in this role.

    By studying this program, students will gain comprehensive knowledge of theories, issues and the working practices that have a connection with dynamic and increasingly important marking field in the global business arena.

    Both graduates and professionals who would to be in marketing careers or would like to widen their knowledge in this field can apply for this program. A master in marketing degree can help one to develop and update the advanced knowledge, skills and strategic and industry awareness the student needs to the next step toward a future career in marketing. This is possible even if the student is continuing his/her undergraduate program.

    Students will have the opportunity to understand the nature of the markets and how they work. They will further be introduced to many tools, theories and techniques used by the firms for connecting with those markets. Students will also have an opportunity to learn the secrets used by the firms to uncover emerging and new consumer behaviours that have a chance of offering potential for new markets creation.

    Career opportunities.

    By studying masters in marketing degree, students gain knowledge and skills necessary for them to work in nearly any industry that is in existence today. This is because marketing is one of the vital part of any organization’s growth, any business in the world will go for marketing degree holders.

    A graduate can find himself/herself working for a newspaper, magazine or website, or any organization that processes, manufactures or sells goods.

    A graduate with MBA degree in marketing can work as a:

    • Marketing assistant.
    • Marketing executive.
    • Project manager for marketing.
    • Media relations specialist.
    • Expert for strategic marketing.
    • Advertising manager.
    • Promotion manager.
    • Sales officer.
    • Social media manager.
    • Content marketer.
    • Digital content director
    • Digital community and media manager.
    • PR manager.

    And many more.

    Entry Requirements:

    • If one wants to enroll for this program, he/she must submit a proof of bachelor degree or diploma.
    • Those applying but they do not have English as their first language will have to demonstrate an approved proficiency level in English language use.
    • Applicants holding bachelor degree from abroad will have to submit a proof or evidence of an ILTS Language competence certificate that have a minimum score of 6.5.
    • Depending on the education providers, applicants will be requested to provide work experience in related field.
    • While coming for registration, those applying must bring with them their original diploma.